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Ever frustrated that your labs are all “normal” when you feel terrible?

Perhaps the reason is that your illness lies not just in one major abnormality but in multiple smaller imbalances that aren’t picked up with regular blood work.

You may be a great candidate for the Endobiogeny Panel, an analysis developed by French physicians and mathematicians that gives us insight into how the different organ systems are working together and as a team answering the demands placed on the body.

With an Endobiogeny panel we take commonly-used bloodwork and enter it into the analysis that tells us where imbalances may lie. This panel can help us better understand the following:

  •      level of inflammation
  •      how estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone are working together
  •      activity of the adrenal hormones
  •      impact of chronic or acute stress on the entire system, especially the adrenal glands
  •      propensities toward certain chronic illnesses

Patients who benefit most from the Endobiogeny analysis are those who

  •      Have multiple different complaints in multiple different organ systems
  •      Aren’t improving on their current medication regimen
  •      Have unusual symptoms that don’t seem to fit criteria for any specific illness
  •      Want to get to the root of the illness rather than continue treating symptoms
  •      Have been ill for a long time

Labs that are utilized (and CPT codes)

  •      Complete blood count (85025)
  •      Complete metabolic panel (80053)
  •      Lactate dehydrogenase (83615)
  •      Alkaline phosphatase isoenzymes (84075 and 84080)
  •      Osteocalcin (83937)
  •      Creatine phosphokinase (82550)
  •      Thyroid stimulating hormone (84443)
  •      Lipid panel (80061)

Each patient who undergoes an endobiogenic analysis will then be set up with a customized treatment plan that will take into account each individual’s imbalances and bring them into harmony utilizing plant-based medicines, dietary recommendations, IV nutritional therapies, lifestyle changes, and prescription medications as necessary.


Words from our patients

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    "I am so glad that we have something like this in Idaho Falls! Dr. Wheeler is excellent! I am very grateful and would highly recommend Wholesome Health!"

    Mindy B.
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    Andrea M.
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    Leanne A.
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    "Dr. Wheeler is a true God-send in my life. Thankful."

    Melinda T.
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    "Radical Resilience is my go-to pain reliever, replacing many year of OTC pain relief use. It also helps my thyroid work better, with decreased internal inflammation."

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