Dr. Laramie Wheeler, DO

To My Patients at Wholesome Health, 

I am writing to inform you that I am temporarily leaving the practice of medicine. As most of you are aware, in August my 9-year-old boy suffered a major brain injury from a bleeding brain tumor we were previously unaware of. His tumor was removed but he can no longer move or communicate. Furthermore, I am told by his doctors that this type of cancer always comes back and is 100% fatal, unresponsive to any known therapies. We spent two months at Primary Children’s Hospital and are now home, but I currently need to be with him and my family full time. I have loved serving you and am honored to know such amazing people in our area. Thank you for adding so much goodness to my life. 

I will be merging my practice with The Healing Sanctuary as of this week. I made this decision based on the fact that it is the clinic in town that most similarly aligns with my own mission statement in regards to healing. There you will have access to the same services you have been receiving at Wholesome Health, including nutritional supplements, custom tincture blends, IV nutritional therapies, primary care services, and care with chronic conditions. Your medical records will automatically be transferred to The Healing Sanctuary, and if you have a desire to have them sent elsewhere you are more than welcome to sign a release of records request and take them to any physician of your choice. I intend to continue my involvement working with the practitioners, especially in cases where I have started regimens that others wouldn’t be familiar with (i.e. endobiogeny treatments). I will also have the supplements and custom tinctures available online at www.wholesomesolutions.net<https://idahofallshealthclinic.us9.list-manage.com/track/click?u=01b456681c1a48d6fbd420df1&id=31898aa157&e=acb043aaf9>. The website is not yet active, but should be in the next 1-2 weeks. 

Wholesome Aesthetics will continue under my ownership and will also move its location of operation to the Healing Sanctuary. There Stephanie will continue offering aesthetic services including facials, coolsculpting, wrinkle reducers, dermal fillers, and treatments with our exciting new painless laser. I will continue working closely with her. 

My staff will stay the same, and all of them will be moving over to The Healing Sanctuary. You should be able to easily get a hold of them there should you need them. The phone number there is 208-497-0500. 

I am still as passionate about the healing arts as I have always been, and I fully intend to continue learning as much as I can while I am away. I anticipate returning to medicine someday, but right now I have no idea how much time I have with my boy or how long my family will need me home. We are appreciative of your prayers and support. So many of you have reached out with donations, gifts, food, kind words, encouraging texts or facebook messages, and I am more grateful that words can express. I love you all. 


Dr. Laramie Wheeler, DO 

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